Getting Started

This document explains the API for exporting analytics data.

The analytics reporting API is an app-level API where the ‘api key’ for the API is different for each app. So in case the data is required for multiple apps, make sure to call the API for each app.

The steps for that would be,

  1. Find the api-key in the LTV dashboard
  2. Make a call for that app based on the api-key
  3. Repeat the operation for any new app the data is required for.
  4. Aggregate data as per your need

1. Basic HTTP Request

Data can be exported from Tapjoy with following configuration.

  • URL:
  • HTTP Method: GET

There are several ways to send HTTP requests depending on OS or language. For convenience, we show an example using curl utility.

2. Exporting Data

This exports data of the period with the specified start/end date.

Parameter NameTypeRemarks
api\_keyStringData Export API Key. Required
fromStringStart date of the period (`YYYY-mm-dd`). Required
toStringEnd date of the period (`YYYY-mm-dd`). Required
os\_nameStringPlatform of this app (`iOS` or `Android`). Optional
metricsArrayMetrics to export. Required