Offerwall Migration Checklist

1. Overview

If you are currently using the ironSource Offerwall and would like to transition to the Tapjoy Offerwall we have a step-by-step guide available to make the transition as seamless as possible. You can find a detailed guide, including instructions on code changed, here. Below you will find a high level checklist you can use to ensure you have made all necessary changes.

2. Checklist

A. Dashboard changes

  1. Apply for a Tapjoy account.
  2. Create an app on the dashboard.
  3. Create a virtual currency. Details on the two currency types are available here.
  4. Create a placement and add an Offerwall content card to your placement. Details on placement setup are available here.

B. Code changes

  1. Replace your ironSource Offerwall code with the equivalent Tapjoy Offerwall code, as outlined here.
  2. Launch your app and confirm you can show the Tapjoy Offerwall.

C. In-progress Offers

When migrating to Tapjoy Offerwall it is important to remember that users may have already started offers on the ironSource Offerwall and are yet to complete these. The next steps are crucial to ensuring your users continue to receive currency for in-progress offers they complete.

If using server-to-server callbacks with ironSource Offerwall

ironSource will continue firing callbacks whenever we are notified of a completion from the MMP/Advertiser. You should continue listening to callbacks fired from the ironSource servers and rewarding their users accordingly, for 90 days after the date you stop showing new offers via the ironSource offerwall

In this flow, it doesn't matter if ironSource's SDK is still integrated in your application or not.

If using client-side callbacks with ironSource Offerwall

You should keep the ironSource SDK integrated in your application. While you will stop showing the ironSource Offerwall, you are still required to call the getOfferwallCredits() function to check for new rewards for the user. At a minimum, we recommend checking for credits each time the user opens the app, and preferably more often. This implementation should continue for at least 90 days after the date you stop showing new offers via the ironSource Offerwall, and then it can be removed.

3. Privacy

If you are using ironSource LevelPlay, you may use LevelPlay APIs to share with Tapjoy the following privacy flags:

  1. GDPR consent.
  2. Opt-out of sale or share of personal information under US state privacy laws.
  3. Flagging specific end users as children. Please note that if your app is primarily directed to children under COPPA you must flag all end users as children.

Also, if your app participates in Google Play’s Designed for Families program, or appears in the “Family” section of Google Play, please flag all the app's users as children and use this API of the Tapjoy SDK so that we don't collect the user's GAID.

If you are not using ironSource LevelPlay or if you would like to configure Tapjoy's SDK separately, please follow these guidelines to share with Tapjoy the relevant privacy flags.