Publisher Customer Service Tool

1. Overview

The Publisher Customer Service Tool allows publishers to look up the reward and Tapjoy customer support ticket status for their users. Easily find specific users and see their Tapjoy reward history for the last 90 days.

2. Roles

Admin roles will be granted access to this page by default. There is also a “Customer Service” role that will grant a user just access to this page. The Staff and Operator roles will not have access to the customer service page. See User Roles and Permissions for more information about specific roles.

3. Access

To navigate to the new page, select your account name in the app dropdown. There will be a “Customer Service” option on the left menu panel.

4. Searching

Use “Smart search” to search by advertising id, device id, Tapjoy Customer Support ticket number, or user email to find the information you are looking for. If you want to search by your user id, then you will need to select “User ID” from the drop down search options. Then choose the appropriate app to search within for that user.

5. Results


A. User/Device Info

This gives the basic information we have for this particular user/device. The ticket submitted is the lifetime number of tickets for this user. The exception to this is if you searched by ticket number, for this situation we will show one as the result as there is one unique ticket.

B. Installed Apps

A list of apps, the corresponding user id and the last time Tapjoy saw this user launch the app.

C. Clicked Offers

The list of offers that user interacted with during the last 30 days. The reward status of “In Progress” merely indicates that the user clicked on the offer, not necessarily that there was any other action taken for that offer.

For offers that users have submitted a ticket to Tapjoy’s customer service team, there will be additional data about the ticket status and the messages that have been exchanged between the user and our customer service team.