A/B Testing Tool

1. Getting Started

The A/B testing tool in the LTV dashboard enables you to test different variations of the same Offerwall Card to identify which configuration yields the best performance. Regular A/B testing will help identify opportunities for improvement and unlock more revenue potential with Offerwall. Read here about how Nexters boosted overall eCPM 50% and revenue 40% by A/B testing the Tapjoy offerwall.

What you can test

See below for a list of recommended tests to run on your Offerwall.

Goal Recommended Tests Metrics
Optimize performance for existing Offerwall users Test different currency multipliers for countries Lower funnel performance i.e. conversion rate, Avg DUC/DUV, ARPDUC
Test and fine tune tiered exchange rate
Optimize performance for new Offerwall users Testing Message to Earn with currency sales Upper funnel performance i.e. Impressions, Avg DUV, DUV/DAU, ARPDUC
Testing Message to Earn for non-converters

2. Setting up your A/B test in LTV Dashboard

  1. On the left side navigation, click “Create Content” and select an Offerwall card to create.
  2. Proceed to set up your Basic and VC Reward settings. A virtual currency is required before the A/B test toggle will be editable.



  1. Click “Add a Variant” to set up your variants.
    1. Users will be split based on the Variant Distribution. Drag the slider or enter the distributions for Variant A and Variant B. A 50/50 distribution means the users will be split evenly and half the users will always see A while the other half will always see B. Note: If the distribution is updated during a test, then the user distribution will be reset.
  2. Once complete, hit Save.
  3. To end your A/B test, come back to this content card and toggle off.

3. Test monitoring and reporting

To view your A/B test metrics, find the Offerwall card where the test was set up in Monetize > Overview. Then click into the card and scroll down to view metrics broken down by variant.