AB Testing for Marketing Messages

1. Getting Started

You can build a game that looks great. You can check your analytics everyday. But none of them tell you if you are running the optimal content unless you have data to compare. With A/B testing, you can validate the best content with data.

  • Identify Opportunities: Identify high traffic placements for A/B Testing to gather data quickly or look for placements with low conversion rates that can be optimized.
  • Establish Goals: Identify the metrics that will determine whether a variation is successful or not. It can be revenue, conversions, CVR, etc.
  • Generate Ideas: Come up with ideas that you think will improve the current performance.
  • Create A/B Variations in LTV Dashboard!

2. How it works

  1. You can find A/B Testing in the Monetization tab and click on a content to create a test. Creating an A/B Test is largely same as creating other contents in the LTV dashboard.

  2. Users will be split based on the Variant Distribution. Drag the slider or enter the distributions for Variant A and Variant B. A 50/50 distribution means the users will be split evenly and half the users will always see A while the other half will always see B. Note: If the distribution is updated during a test, then the user distribution will be reset.

  3. In A/B Testing, the creative image is the component being tested. Upload an image for each variant, A and B.

  4. A/B Test content can be in one of the modes: TEST, LIVE, OFF.

Mode Targeting
TEST Choose which variant each test device belongs to for testing.
LIVE The content is live and user segment targeting is available.
OFF The content is turned off and unavailable to all users and test devices.

3. Limitations

  • This feature does not require the latest SDK but does require the appropriate SDK for the content types.
  • A/B Testing is only for testing the creative (image) of the content. You can test variations of the message in M2E. You CANNOT test two different content types, i.e. M2E vs N2E.

A/B Testing is available to the following content types and SDK:

Content Type Description Test SDK
Message to Earn Find out which combination of creative drive the most conversion and ad revenue. Message (image) 11.0+
Native to Earn Compare two different native buttons and see which ones give you a better conversion and ad revenue. Button (image) 11.5+
Announcement Test different colors, buttons, and messages in the announcement. Announcement (image) 11.0+

4. FAQ

Do I need to add code to start using this feature?

No. Publishers can begin A/B Testing as long as they have the right SDK and placement to serve the content.

If we are using SDK 11.3. Can we use Content A/B Testing?

Yes and no. A/B Testing itself does not have SDK dependencies, but it follows the content’s dependencies. Native to Earn A/B Testing is available for apps with SDK ver. 11.5 or above. So the publishers using 11.3 will be able to run Message to Earn/Announcement A/B Test on their app, but cannot use Native to Earn A/B Test.