Custom Exchange Rates

1. Maximize Ad Conversion With Targeted Rates

Rewarded advertising relies on an effective value proposition between a user’s time and in-game content. In exchange for the user spending time watching a video, performing an action, or completing some other ad interaction, they receive virtual currency.

However, different users value virtual currency differently; perhaps mature users already have a wealth of currency, or newer users who have never converted an ad haven’t seen how easy it is.

Custom Exchange Rates empower you to target these users with a different amount of virtual currency relative to the revenue you earn from an ad conversion.

2. How It Works

You can find the Custom Exchange Rate settings in the Currency section of the Offerwall Plus.

  1. Click “Custom” instead of the Default Exchange Rate.
  2. Enter your desired multiplier in the textbox.

The multiplier determines the effective Exchange Rate for offers on this Offerwall Plus. For example, if your virtual currency’s default exchange rate is $1 = 100, then a 2x multiplier will provide 200 units of currency for an offer that provides your app $1 in advertising revenue.

3. Who Should I Target?

There are a couple use cases for which providing more virtual currency makes sense.

  • Mature users with high virtual currency balances: If a user already has 1,000,000 Coins, then she is unlikely to find much value in a 20 coin reward. Providing a higher multiplier may entice these users to convert on more ads.
  • Non-Ad Converters: Users who have never completed an offer may not have a good understanding of the value proposition, or how quick and easy it is to complete most offers. Providing these users with a higher multiplier may convince them to finally try it!
  • IAP-Adverse Users: Users who have a low likelihood of monetizing via In-App Purchase may provide most of their value via advertising revenue. By providing a higher multiplier to these users, you are motivating them to convert more offers (and provide you with more ad revenue) with very little risk to cannibalization, as they were unlikely to make an in-app purchase in any event.

4. FAQ

Do I need a separate Content Card for each Custom Exchange Rate?

Yes, each Offerwall Plus Content Card has its own exchange rate settings. This lets you to use Tapjoy’s powerful targeting capabilities to provide the appropriate custom exchange rate to a user cohort. We recommend using the “Copy to Create” functionality on your existing Offerwall Plus, then changing the custom exchange rate multiplier on the new content card.