Tiered Currency Exchange

1. Overview

If you need more granular control of your currency exchange rate within one offerwall, this tool is what you need to accomplish that. If you want to have different currency exchange rates across multiple offerwalls, but still use the same currency, then you may want to use Custom Exchange Rates instead.

Please note that the tiered exchange rate does not change how much revenue you will earn for each offer, but only how much your users will receive for completing offers based on the offer's value. Use this setting to gradually reduce the amount of payout given at a higher value to minimize currency inflation in your app. Another use case is to give out more rewards to the user for high-value offers to stimulate them.

2. Configuration

In your Offerwall content, you will need to choose “Tiered” in Exchange Rate in the VC Reward section.


  • You can have up to 5 tiers and have as few as 1 if you want.
  • We will automatically set the initial range after you've added the first tier to eliminate the gap in ranges.
  • If you would like everything beyond the last value to also apply to the final tier, leave that value blank, as shown in Tier 3 in the example screenshot.
  • The exchange rate is a multiplier of your chosen currency's current currency conversion rate.
  • You can input the multiplier to 0.

Using the line graph on the right side, you can see how much currency users will get for each offer value (bid).

Use zoom by dragging and clicking on the area you want to zoom in to see the payouts for a particular offer amount closer.


You will see 2 options of Tiered exchange rate setting:

  • Cumulative payouts (default option)
  • Flat payouts (was added in 2022)

The difference between them is that in flat payouts, you're allowed to decrease payouts. See examples of how the tiers will be calculated or each option below.

A. Cumulative Payouts


For example, in the image above, if the user completed a $13 offer to you, we would calculate their payout as follows:

(((5 x 1) x currency exchange) + ((8 x 0.9))x currency exchange) for a total of 1220 instead of a straightforward exchange of (13 x 0.9 = 1170)

B. Flat payouts


If you want more flexibility when setting values for some tiers, use flat payouts logic. You can decrease payouts for particular tiers by setting the multiplier to less than 1.0.

We will use a straightforward exchange for this logic. Even though we allow users to decrease payouts for a particular offer bid range, we use the previous tier's highest reward value to ensure there is no dip in payouts.

The reward amount will be calculated as follows (please see image above):

In this example: 1$ = 100 Virtual Currency

From 0 to 2 x 0.5 multiplier will be applied: Example: 2 x 0.5 x 100 = 100 Virtual Currency

x1 multiplier will be applied for the 2.01 to 5 offer value range: Example: 4 x 1 x 100 = 400 Virtual Currency

But, for the 5.01 to 10 range, the multiplier was decreased to 0.9, which means users will receive less payout for a higher value offer. In this case, we will continue using the last tier's highest reward (500 in this case) until the reward becomes higher than 500. As a result, flat rate will be applied for a range between 5.01 to 5.5.

Here's how it will work: