Ad Behavioural Targeting

1. Targeting content based on users’ ad behaviors

On some occasions publishers have been reluctant to show advertisement in their apps fearing users would leave the game for one of the other half-a-million gaming apps available. This new capability will allow publishers to show ad content to ad receptive audience or entice ad-adverse users with currency sales based on users’ ad behaviors.

2. How it works

When publishers create a content, they will have the opportunity to target users who have converted, viewed but never converted on, or never seen any ads or one of the specific ad types (OW, Video, Interstitial).

When targeting content you have the ability to pick your target based on a range of criteria:


Ad Behavioral Targeting is available to all content types, including Push and Push to Earn.

3. Common Use Cases

  • Publisher can give a higher currency multiplier to users that had never converted on ads and encourage them to complete ads.
  • OW has a low conversion rate but it brings much higher revenue. During a currency sale, Publishers can reward 2x multiplier to regular OW converters and 5x (currency sale) to users that have never converted on OW to maximize PCS’s potential revenue.
  • Publisher is showing ad in other places in the game. AppLaunch is a intrusive placement and publisher would like to test video ad in AppLaunch and only target users that are comfortable and have converted on video.
  • Publisher wants to put OW at app open, it’s an intrusive placement to show OW. So they can limit the content to OW converters.

4. Limitations

  • Requires SDK 11.x+. This feature does not require the latest SDK but like all targeting capabilities, it requires SDK 11.x+.
  • Targeting is based on users’ behavioral data from May 8, 2016 and onwards. For example, if a user converted on May 7 but has not converted ads since then, the system will consider him/her a non-converted user.
  • Data is refreshed once a day. If a non-converted user decides to convert an ad todays the system will consider him/her a non-converted user until the database refreshes tonight.
  • Ad behavior is per app basis, meaning users’ ad behaviors are independent from other apps.
  • We do not store ad behaviors from mediation networks thus cannot use users’ behaviors in those networks for targeting.