User Tags

Using the User Tags feature, you can now tag your users via calls from the SDK. Each device can have up to 200 tags at a time. Once you tag users, you can use the dashboard to target Tapjoy content at users who either have or do not have one or more given user tags.

1. Tagging API

Note that in each case, "tag" is a string. We recommend keeping tags short so that they are easier to use in the dashboard user interface.

A. iOS

[Tapjoy addUserTag:tag]; // to add a tag
[Tapjoy removeUserTag:tag]; // to remove a tag from current tag list
[Tapjoy removeAllUserTags]; // to clear all tags

B. Android

Tapjoy.addUserTag(tag); // to add a tag
Tapjoy.removeUserTag(tag); // to remove a tag from current tag list
Tapjoy.clearUserTags(); // to clear all tags

C. Unity

Tapjoy.AddUserTag(tag); // to add a tag
Tapjoy.RemoveUserTag(tag); // to remove a tag from current tag list
Tapjoy.ClearUserTags(); // to clear all tags

D. React Native

Tapjoy.addUserTag(''); // to add a tag
Tapjoy.removeUserTag(''); // to remove a tag from current tag list
Tapjoy.clearUserTags(); // to clear all tags

2. Segment Targeting with User Tags

When targeting Tapjoy content at user segments, you can include or exclude users based on their tags. To do this:

  1. “Tags” targeting is in the "Target User Segment" box, under "Cohort" tab in the create/edit content screen.
  2. You can enter multiple tags. Press ENTER or TAB to add more tags.
  3. You can use the "Exclude these" checkbox to exclude tags from a segment instead of including them.


3. Notes

  • User tags are case sensitive, so "warrior" and "WARRIOR" would be different tags.
  • Tag targeting works in an "any" fashion: If you list "tagA", "tagB", and "tagC" in your Target User Segment, that content will be visible to a user with any combination of ""tagA", "tagB", or "tagC". The user does not need to have all the tags to be in the segment. Similarly, if you check the "Exclude these" box, the user will be excluded from the segment if they have any combination of "tagA", "tagB", or "tagC"; the user does not need all three to be excluded from the segment.
  • Targeting by User Tag is only available for Tapjoy Monetize Content, not for push notifications.
  • A device can have up to 200 tags at a time. If you assign more than 200 tags, a previously assigned tag will be removed at random.
  • Targeting is based on ‘device level’. The tag information will be removed when the user uninstalls the app.
  • If you save a segment with user tags, the user tags cannot be retrieved if you try to use the segment in push notification targeting.

4. FAQ

What can be done by using User Tags?

The main purpose of User Tags is to be able to show Tapjoy Monetization Content to one set of users and not another set of users.

For example, let’s say you want to be able to show content to your users, but only if they have participated in a special event. If your app tags event participants with a tags like "Event01″, "Event02″. You could then set up some content and include all of your "EventXX" tags in the segment. This way, only users who had been tagged as event participants would see the content. Similarly, you could target the content only at users who had never participated in any event, by entering in all your "EventXX" tags and then checking the "Exclude these" box.