Feature is still in development and subject to change.


In order to implement our Web Offerwall, you will need to implement the Self Managed Currency postback. Once created, please contact Tapjoy with the Postback URL so we can create your SDK Key.

The SDK Key for Web Offerwall is required and will be provided by the Tapjoy team.

Getting started

In this article, you'll learn how to do a minimal installation of our offerwall to test your keys.

You need to decide which method of showing offerwall you want to use:

  • Deep Linking - This is the easiest way to show the offerwall, but with limited feature set.
  • Custom JS SDK - This is the most advanced way to show the offerwall.


Once you are able to render offerwall. You need to make sure your rewarding process is working. To test rewarding, please refer to our Self Managed Currency documentation.