User Cohorts

User Cohort Analytics groups users by their unique properties, and uses the groupings to study the differences between each user groups’ main indices and their game play patterns in accordance with the time.

Classify users into cohort groups for more focused and narrowed analysis between customized groups of users. For instance, as a publisher you can assign Non-Paying users with no in-app purchase experience as user cohort groups to assess the differences in each of these two groups’ DAU, country, and other major indices.

1. Types of User Cohorts

Tapjoy provides default cohorts. Default cohorts are the basic set of cohorts that are provided after users SDK integration with Tapjoy.

Default Cohort

Basic user cohorts generally used in data analysis. Default Cohorts are provided as soon as you complete your SDK integration with Tapjoy. There are 4 default user cohorts: OS, Country, App Version, and Paying/Non-Paying

OS Cohort

  • OS cohort is provided when your Tapjoy App ID/App Key is sent from your iOS/Android apps. It does not include specific store information, however.

Country Cohort

  • Your country cohort is collected from information gathered from either the SIM card or IP address of the user’s device.
  • You can select multiple countries when you select country cohorts. For example, you can either view the information regarding total sales in US alone, or view the aggregated Sales information in US/Germany/China all together at once.

App Version Cohort

  • Tapjoy SDK automatically acquires version details from apps that are published on platforms (Facebook, etc.) or stores (App Store, Google Play, etc.). Tapjoy.setAppDataVersion is not related to this cohort.


  • Based on IAP purchase tracking enabled through the Tapjoy SDK.

Default Cohort variables under the same category can be used in combination with each other. For example, if you have your country cohort selected as “USA", and you would like to select multiples of game version cohorts at the same time, you can simply select in all game versions you wanted to analyze. Select game version three game version cohorts “1.0”, “1.5”, “2.0”, then you will be able to only index users from USA using the game versions from 1.0 to 2.0. There are limitations on this however; you may only choose up to 5 default cohorts from the 7 variables at a time to compare.