Debug Mode

1. Enabling Debug Mode

Debug mode enables you to see logs of various Tapjoy actions (sessions, placements, purchases, custom events, etc. ). These will appear in the Tapjoy Developer Console. To get to the developer console, go to the wrench icon in the top navigation bar of the dashboard and select "Developer Console" from the drop down. This setting also enables logging to the Xcode console.

If you want to see this information, enable debug mode in your code after initializing the SDK but before making any other calls:


Note: Do not deploy your app to the Play Store with debug mode enabled.

2. Developer Console

The Developer Console is a useful tool for debugging and tracking events that occur within your App once you have successfully integrated the Tapjoy SDK.

To get to the developer console, select "Tools" in the top navigation bar of the dashboard and select "Developer Console" from the drop down.


As you can see from the screenshot above, the Developer Console has 6 columns, providing information regarding:

Time of Event:

Logged in Month, Day, Year, Timestamp Format.


Some of the more common here are Install, Session End/Start, Placement, and Purchase, but you can also track custom events here.


You will see information here regarding certain types of events, such as a specific in app purchases, currency purchases, or placement names


This will either identify the device’s platform as iOS or Android.

Advertising ID:

Here you will get the specific advertising identifier associated with the device. Devices can also be quick added to the test device list from here. You will see an "+ Add" button next to each identifier which allows you directly add it to your test device list.

User Info:

The user information button allows you to see specific attributes associated with a user that has completed an event. There’s an info button ("i") at the end of each event that can be clicked. Selecting it will open a dialogue listing the information.


*NB: The Tapjoy Developer Console only shows events that happen while it is open. It does not "look back" for Tapjoy activity that happened before it was opened.