Deep Linking

Feature is still in development and subject to change.


This option will limit your ability to take advantage of Tapjoy’s full feature set in the future. We highly recommend using the Basic SDK implementation instead of deep linking if possible.

Direct linking provides a very simple method of linking your website to the offerwall. Wherever you want to show the offerwall, you can link to the following URL:<SDK_KEY>/u/<USER_ID>
  • SDK_KEY - SDK Key provided by Tapjoy
  • USER_ID - User ID needs to be provided by you so we can properly reward users. Please refer to Self Managed Currency Documentation for more information.

User Privacy Implementation

User privacy can be implemented by adding query parameters to the URL. Please see User Privacy page for more information about each flag.<SDK_KEY>/u/<USER_ID>?subject_to_gdpr=true&user_consent=true&...
Option Query Parameter Name Default Value Description
Is user subject to GDPR gdpr 0 Value should be 1 if user is subject to GDPR
GDPR Consent cgdpr 0 0 means user does not consent, 1 means user consents
Below Consent Age below_consent_age YES YES and NO values respectively represents whether the user is below consent age
US Privacy (COPPA) us_privacy 1YYY See User Privacy for value descriptions.

Set Placement Name

Just like a normal Offerwall+, you need to create placement for WebOfferwall. You can create placementn in Tapjoy Dashboard.

Its default value is iOS Offerwall - Web, so you don't need addtional parameter to specify placement name if you have one already.

You can pass placement name as below.<SDK_KEY>/u/<USER_ID>?event_name=<PLACEMENT_NAME>