This API is now deprecated. Access to this API will be removed in late June 2023 after which the Tapjoy GraphQL API must be used for reporting purposes.

What are these A1, A2, 01, EU, AP, AN, etc countries? I don’t recognize them as valid countries.

A1 = anonymous proxy, A2 = Satellite provider, 01 = other country, EU/AP = country code not designated. For those users we were unable to determine their country location.

What happens when I search for a date prior to May 1, 2016?

We do not have geo data for the app prior to that date, so we aggregate that data into a country called “zz”

When I add up the revenue by placement, the number does not match up with the summary data on the monetization overview page. Why is this happening?

The placement data does not cover all revenue sources. Revenue from legacy ad units and tapjoy.com are not captured through these breakdowns, so they will not match up with the summary data of your revenue.

Why are some countries missing in my list of countries?

We only return a country list where we saw some sort of activity in terms of requests, impressions, conversions, revenue. If there was no data for all those fields, then we do not return that country.

How fresh is the data from the API?

Reporting API data is updated in real time.