Publisher Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to your use of the Tapjoy Publisher Services. Read them carefully and contact one of our representatives at if you have any questions about how to best comply. Make sure to check this website from time to time as we update our guidelines in response to important changes in the monetization world.

Publishers operating in violation of our guidelines face consequences that may include, without limitation, suspension or termination of their access to Tapjoy Publisher Services, and delay or forfeiture of payment.

As a material condition on your use of Tapjoy Publisher Services, you agree that you will not, under any circumstances:

  1. Engage in fraud, whether directly or by supporting, encouraging, or facilitating someone else’s actions, including by:
    1. Using optimization services or software to inflate user actions or to generate deceptive information regarding user actions
    2. Using fraudulent or deceptive practices to generate “user” actions that do not represent of the actual intent of a real user, including the use of deceptive implementation methods, robots, or other automated tools to generate unintended user actions
    3. Impersonating someone else’s applications, including by using their application ID, bundle ID or other ID on the applicable mobile app store
    4. Engaging in “bait-and-switch,” meaning submitting an application, product, services, or content for use or approval, and later substituting something that is materially different or modified without notifying us of the change, or
    5. Using Tapjoy Publisher Services in connection with harmful code, including but not limited to programming routines that could harm a user’s device
  2. Violate the platform terms or requirements (Apple App Store/Google Play Store) applicable to you and your applications
  3. Promote or distribute, through your applications:
    1. Illegal or prohibited substances, services, products, or materials (meaning, illegal or prohibited in the state, country, or other jurisdiction where the application is published or distributed)
    2. Sale of beer, wine, or hard alcohol, tobacco or tobacco-related products, weapons or ammunition, or products that are replicas or imitations of designer goods
    3. Illegal gambling, sweepstakes, or any similar activities
    4. Content of an explicit adult nature, including images, videos or text portraying nudity, sexual acts, or products of an adult nature, or
    5. Content that is (i) defamatory or libelous or constitutes trade disparagement or libel, (ii) lewd, pornographic or obscene, (iii) promotes violence or hate speech, or (iv) otherwise has the potential of causing liability or embarrassment for Tapjoy or our advertisers
  4. Violate any law, statute, ordinance, rule or regulation applicable to you or your application, including those governing (i) data privacy and use, (ii) misleading, false, or deceptive advertising, (iii) mobile advertising or marketing, (iv) anti-discrimination, or (v) unfair competition;
  5. Infringe on any third party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property or proprietary rights, or any third party right of publicity or privacy;
  6. Engage in practices that Tapjoy, in our sole and reasonable discretion, determines to be:
    1. Contrary to prevailing industry standards
    2. Unfair, misleading, deceptive, or damaging to Tapjoy, our users and commercial partners, our reputation, or our business, or
    3. Otherwise inappropriate or unacceptable

Real World Rewards

Tapjoy may, case-by-case, allow publishers to submit applications offering “real world rewards” for approval to use Tapjoy Publisher Services, subject to screening requirements, special economic terms, and additional contractual restrictions. As a material condition on your use of Tapjoy Publisher Services, you agree that you will not, unless accepted by Tapjoy as a RWR publisher:

I. Encourage or facilitate others to take actions with payments including offering cash, gift cards, etc.;

II. Use Tapjoy Publisher Services for any application that offers real-world rewards, meaning anything of monetary value, including cash, gift cards, cryptocurrency, etc.;

III. Generate virtual rewards for use in someone else’s application or service, whether by direct transfer, transfer codes, or other mechanism.

Effective Date: September 20, 2019