iOS 14

1. Introduction

Tapjoy has released an SDK update which is fully compatible with iOS 14.

This guide provides details on what features are supported in this SDK release, and the changes you will need to make to ensure business continuity on iOS 14.

2. Publishers

Version 12.7.1 of the Tapjoy SDK includes full support for SKAdNetwork, and Apple’s new AppTrackingTransparency framework.

A. Update Your Info.plist With Tapjoy’s SKAdNetwork Keys

Tapjoy is enrolled as a network partner in Apple’s SKAdNetwork. When updating to v12.7.1 of our SDK, please ensure you add Tapjoy’s network ID to your app’s info.plist file, along with the IDs of the DSP partners listed below:

Network Key
Tapjoy ECPZ2SRF59.skadnetwork
Liftoff 7UG5ZH24HU.skadnetwork
Moloco 9T245VHMPL.skadnetwork
CrossInstall prcb7njmu6.skadnetwork
LoopMe 5lm9lj6jb7.skadnetwork
Unicorn 578prtvx9j.skadnetwork

B. Mediator Adoption

Please use the table below to track the status of mediators adopting our iOS 14 compliant SDK.

Mediator Expected Release iOS Adapter Version Unity Adapter Version Link
AdMob Live 2.6.1 Docs
Appodeal TBC TBC TBC Docs
Fyber Live 12.7.1 12.7.1 Docs
ironSource Live 4.1.15 4.1.19 Docs
MAX Live Docs
MoPub Live 12.7.1 1.2.21 Docs
Tapdaq 2020/11/19 7.8.1 7.8.1 Docs

3. Advertisers

Advertiser partners that do not monetise with Tapjoy will not need to integrate or update to the latest Tapjoy SDK version. However, the following changes must be implemented to ensure app installs can be measured in the absence of IDFA availability;

A. Tracking Conversion Values

Please ensure you have designed and implemented your strategy for verifying installs or tracking user conversion value via SKAdNetwork.

This is a required update, and will ensure that your Tapjoy campaigns have installs attributed against them correctly. It will also enable Tapjoy to track and pass user conversion values to your MMP partners where necessary.

B. Campaign ID Structure

Within SKAdNetwork, advertisers have a limit of 100 campaign IDs for each application, per network. Please contact your Tapjoy account manager to discuss how your existing campaigns can be migrated to accommodate this limitation on SKAdNetwork.

4. FAQ

In recent weeks we have been working closely with all our partners to ensure alignment on the changes associated with iOS 14. You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions from our advertiser and publisher partners on our blog.