Upload Advertising IDs for Targetting

Publishers can upload a list of advertising IDs (IDFA for Apple, GAID for Android) for targeting when creating or editing the following content types:

  • Message to Earn
  • Native to Earn
  • Video
  • Offerwall
  • Interstitial
  • Announcement
  • IAP Promotion
  • Reward Giveaway
  • Mediated Interstitial
  • Mediated Video

You can also upload Advertising IDs for Push content.

1. How to use Upload Advertising ID

  1. Create a new content unit (Monetize->Create Content or Click on Content Unit->Edit).
  2. Scroll down to "Targeting".
  3. Select "Upload Advertising ID".
  4. You can select an existing list, or click "Upload Advertising ID File" to upload a new one. Your content unit will now target that list of users.


2. FAQ

Can I combine upload advertising ID and other segments when targeting users? No. Advertising ID targeting cannot be used simultaneously with other user segment targeting (basic, cohort, session, purchase). You have to choose one or the other.

Is there a limitation on how many advertising IDs a file can contain? The current file size limitation is 20MB, which is equivalent to 500K devices.

How many lists can I upload at a time? Each app can upload up to 30 files for advertising ID. You can delete old lists to make room for new ones if necessary.

Can I exclude devices from the audience of a Tapjoy content unit with an uploaded list of advertiser IDs? No. You can only target users on the uploaded list, not exclude them.

How is this uploaded list of advertising IDs different than the User Tags feature? IDFA and other segment targeting are used for targeting properties that rarely change, such as "left-handed blonde female with the advertising ID 12345″. The User Tag feature is more robust and intended for targeting user behavior that changes frequently. An example of a good use for for the user tag feature would be "userBoughtIAPtoday". This is some thing that might easily change the next day, so it is more appropriate to use the User Tags feature.