Programmatic Mediation

Tapjoy is now live with programmatic mediation through a number of partners.

1. Available partners

2. What is programmatic mediation?

Programmatic mediation is when all integrated ad networks have the opportunity to bid in real time on each ad impression. It is different from waterfall mediation, or traditional mediation, in which the ad networks take turns showing ads to the user. Note that each mediation provider has their own name for what Tapjoy calls programmatic mediation. It is often called "header bidding."

To set up programmatic mediation, see the documentation provided by your programmatic mediation provider. Note that many programmatic mediation providers are still in beta, so you may have to talk to your programmatic mediator account manager (not your Tapjoy account manager) in order to access programmatic mediation.

3. What versions of Tapjoy’s SDK support programmatic mediation?

To use programmatic mediation, you must use Tapjoy SDK 12.0.0 or higher. Note that some mediators bundle the Tapjoy SDK into their mediation adapter, so check their documentation to see whether you need to integrate the Tapjoy SDK yourself or not.

4. How do I set up Tapjoy programmatic mediation in the Tapjoy dashboard?

No matter which mediation provider you work with, you will need to set up a placement and content card in the Tapjoy dashboard. Here are step-by-step instructions for doing so (assuming you have already created the app and a virtual currency):

  1. Login to the Tapjoy dashboard at

  2. Navigate to your application using the drop-down in the upper right.

  3. Click "Placements" in the left-hand menu bar.

  4. Click "Create Placement" in the upper right.

  5. Fill in the resulting form. Make note of the placement name you choose (e.g. "TJprogrammatic"): you will need to enter it into the dashboard of your programmatic mediation provider. The description can be whatever will help you remember what the placement is for (e.g. "This will be called by the programmatic mediator to get a bid from Tapjoy.")

  6. Check the "Mediation" checkbox, then select your mediation provider from the drop-down box. If it is not available, select "Others" and enter it into the box provided. (Selecting the mediation provider just affects how the placement looks in the dashboard so you can tell it apart from other placements. There is no effect on how the placement works.)

  7. Click "Create" to create the placement.

  8. Next step is to create the programmatic content card that will be attached to this placement. Click "Create Content".

  9. Scroll down to "Programmatic Rewarded Video" or "Programmatic Interstitial" and click one of them, depending on which type of content you are mediating at this placement.

  10. Fill in the resulting form. You must select a virtual currency, even if you are not using Tapjoy currency to reward your users. Select the placement you created earlier. Click "Save". Programmatic content cards have fewer settings than other Tapjoy content cards.

  11. Check your placement list to make sure that your placement is there and that the programmatic content card is attached to it.

Some notes on programmatic mediation setup:

  • Use separate placements and content cards for interstitial and video.
  • For placements with programmatic content cards, do not place any other content cards at the same placement.