Native to Earn

1. Overview

"Native to Earn" (N2E) is an interactive button that blends in to your existing user interface. This button takes the user to one of Tapjoy’s monetization products (Video, Offerwall, or Interstitial). Once you have set up Tapjoy placements in your application, you can set up these native-look buttons via the Tapjoy dashboard any time you wish (without having to re-submit your application).

2. Creating Content

  1. In the Tapjoy dashboard, click "Monetize", and then "Create Content". Select "Native to Earn":
  2. Select which ad type you want the button to take users to (Video, Offerwall, or Interstitial):
  3. Complete the resulting form, just as you would for any Tapjoy content unit.
  4. Upload the Button Images and the Guide Image. The Guide Image is a full-screen image that will help you position the button images correctly.
  5. Select an anchor point for button alignment, then adjust the X and Y coordinates if necessary. The example shows (Center, Bottom) alignment. Note that if your app supports both portrait and landscape orientations, then you will have to do this process twice.
  6. Select "Auto Scale" or "Fixed Size".
  7. You can also set a maximum show time. After this specified time, the button will be dismissed: (Note: if you choose to use Limitless please see FAQ for code example on how to remove the N2E button in the scenario of when user decides not to watch the video and clicks ‘back’ or whatever button your app has).
  8. You can preview what your button will look like in various resolutions. This will open in a new window.
  9. Finish setting up content settings as you would for any other Tapjoy Content Unit: Select the Virtual Currency that will be awarded to the player when they interact with the ad the button takes them to. Select which placement(s) you want the Native to Earn button to appear at.
  10. If you want to use Target User Segment, Scheduling, or Frequency Capping, click "Advanced Settings".
  11. Check your Native to Earn button on actual devices to make sure everything is working properly. While testing, make sure your actual users aren’t exposed to your test content. You can do this by checking the "Only for Test Devices" check box on the content creation/editing screen.

3. Code Support

You do not need to implement any code in your application to support Native to Earn as long as you are fine with the Native to Earn button disappearing after a fixed time interval specified in the dashboard. If you decide to use limitless please see FAQ for a code example on how to remove the N2E button when the user clicks ‘back’ instead of watching the video.

If you want the application to be able to dismiss the Native to Earn button via an SDK call, you will have to use the dismissContent method. For details on the implementation of this method, please see the SDK reference docs for iOS, Android, Unity, and AIR.

4. Notes

  • Unlike other Tapjoy conent, the Native to Earn button does not take over the app’s whole screen. The app’s own area is still clickable, so the Native to Earn button looks and acts like "native" buttons.
  • The "Close Button" options and "No More Today" options that are available for other Tapjoy content are not available in the Native to Earn button.
  • You cannot send a user to an arbitrary URL or "deep link" with the Native to Earn button. To do that, you should use the Announcement content unit.

5. FAQ

How can I use the Native to Earn button to make a "Earn ($) for Free" banner?

To do this, you should make buttons that fit the width of a standard screen size:

Android: 1920 * 1080 (landscape) / 1080 * 1920 (portrait)
iOS: 1334 * 750 (landscape) / 750 * 1334 (portrait)

You should also create a "Guide Image" that is a representation of the background on which this button/banner will appear.

  1. Create a Native to Earn content unit as described above.
  2. Upload the button at the appropriate step:
  3. Upload the Guide Image.
  4. Set the button’s anchor point and coordinates:
  5. Choose "Auto Scale" as the button size option.
  6. Preview your settings.

How can I remove the Native to Earn button when the user clicks ‘back’ instead of watching the video?

As mentioned above when implementing the n2e content there are two ways to handle dismissing the n2e button. Setting a timer for n number of seconds or minutes is one option and the other is limitless. If you implement the limitless option and the user does not chose to click the n2e button it will stay on the screen even when the user navigates back to another view in the application. In order to remove the button it is necessary to make a call to the static method of dismissContent. Listed below is an iOS example.

- (void)backToMenu
  if( appDelegate.soundOn == 1 )
  [appDelegate.buttonClickedSound play];
  [appDelegate.navController popViewControllerAnimated:true];
  //added for n2e...
  [TJPlacement dismissContent];

When implementing this logic in your application the dismissContent method must be executed on the main thread.