Following metrics are currently supported. Data are provided on a daily basis.

Metric NameRemarks
daily_active_usersDaily Active Users (DAU)
new_usersNew Users
revenueRevenue (IAP revenue only)
number_of_sessionsNumber of Sessions
average_time_spentAverage Session Length
number_of_purchasesNumber of Purchases
daily_paying_usersDaily Paying Users (DPU)
day_1_retentionDay 1 Retention
day_3_retentionDay 3 Retention
day_7_retentionDay 7 Retention
day_14_retentionDay 14 Retention
day_30_retentionDay 30 Retention
day_60_retentionDay 60 Retention
day_90_retentionDay 90 Retention
day_1_rolling_retentionDay 1 Rolling Retention
day_3_rolling_retentionDay 3 Rolling Retention
day_7_rolling_retentionDay 7 Rolling Retention
day_14_rolling_retentionDay 14 Rolling Retention
day_30_rolling_retentionDay 30 Rolling Retention
day_60_rolling_retentionDay 60 Rolling Retention
day_90_rolling_retentionDay 90 Rolling Retention
3_days_dormant_users3+ Days Dormant Users
7_days_dormant_users7+ Days Dormant Users
14_days_dormant_users14+ Days Dormant Users
30_days_dormant_users30+ Days Dormant Users
3_days_returning_usersReturning Users after 3+ Days Dormancy
7_days_returning_usersReturning Users after 7+ Days Dormancy
14_days_returning_usersReturning Users after 14+ Days Dormancy
30_days_returning_usersReturning Users after 30+ Days Dormancy

Send metrics parameter as metrics that you want to export in Array type.

curl -igL "[]=installs&metrics[]=daily_active_users"

Please replace api_key with yours.

If the request is successful, we respond with the following data in JSON format.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8
(Some headers)

{"installs": {"2015-01-01":7996,
 "daily_active_users": {"2015-01-01":12525,