IAP Setup for ROAS

1. Introduction

Tapjoy offers Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) reporting to customers via the Tapjoy Marketing API and the Tapjoy Dashboard (currently in a closed beta stage). The calculated ROAS metrics take into account an Advertiser's Ad Spend and Revenue from In-App Purchase (IAP) data. Monetization Ad Revenue is not currently included but will be incorporated into calculating ROAS later in 2022.

For ROAS purposes, we treat an in-app event with an associated purchase value and USD currency code as IAP, meaning it will be counted in calculating ROAS for that campaign. It is critical to ensure that Tapjoy receives your app’s IAP data properly through a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) to have accurate ROAS metrics for reporting and optimizing your campaign performance. This page provides information on how Tapjoy receives IAP data, the benefits to you, and best practices on setting up IAP purchases with your MMP.

2. How and Why IAP data is collected

The primary source of incoming IAP data to Tapjoy is from MMP partners. As part of onboarding your app and setting up campaigns with the MMP, you’ll configure the IAP events. Best practices for doing so are below and your Tapjoy account manager is available to assist. Specific setup issues should be addressed with your MMP representative.

Tapjoy’s ROAS reporting is based on install-date cohorts and Day 0, 1, 3 … 7, 14, 30, 60, and 90 metrics are available. For each of these Day X metrics, Ad Spend, Ad Revenue (from IAP), and ROAS are available directly through the Marketing API, with selected metrics available in the Tapjoy Dashboard reporting. For example, the Day 3 ROAS metric is calculated from the sum of the IAP revenue up through 3 days from install date divided by the associated Ad Spend for that cohort.

3. MMP-specific IAP setup guides

Tapjoy ROAS reporting is officially supported for customers integrated with Appsflyer and Adjust with more MMPs to be supported later in 2022.

A. Adjust

Set Up Tapjoy - Adjust Help Center

Event tracking - Adjust Help Center

  1. Login to the Adjust Dashboard, navigate to the App’s homepage, and select the respective app.
  2. Click on the caret icon. A list of hyperlinked options will appear. Click Partner Setup under Set Up Your App.
  3. Find Tapjoy in the configured Network list and click on the far right caret icon.
  4. Click on Event Linking.
  5. Scroll down to your Purchase/IAP event, however it was named during the SDK integration phase.
    • Name: Under the name field, please enter Purchase OR IAP like in the example below.
    • Engagement_id: Implement the Tapjoy generated string under the {engagement_id} field. **NOTE: There are two ways to gather the Tapjoy post-install event ID {engagement_id} - (1) Your Tapjoy Account Manager or (2) Logging into your Tapjoy Account and retrieving it.
  6. Click OK. Done!


B. AppsFlyer

Tapjoy campaign configuration – Appsflyer Help Center

  1. In the Appsflyer Dashboard, select Tapjoy in the Integrated Partners part of the left side menu.
  2. Scroll down to In-app event postback and toggle ON.
  3. Click Add Event and search for your IAP event_name. Based on AppsFlyer’s documentation, the recommended name is {af_purchase}.
  4. Implement the Tapjoy generated {engagement_id} under the Partner event identifier column. **NOTE: There are two ways to gather the Tapjoy post-install {engagement_id} - (1) Your Tapjoy Account Manager or (2) Logging into your Tapjoy Account and retrieving it.
  5. Under the Sending Option dropdown, select the option that makes the most sense for your ROAS goals.
    • Partner Only = Tapjoy attributed IAP signals
    • All Media Sources = Tapjoy + Non-Tapjoy attributed IAP signals
  6. Under Send Revenue, select Values & Revenue. This selection sends us the IAP value, current currency code, and converts to USD, which is needed for ROAS calculations.
  7. Click Save Integration. Done!