Country Level Retention Data

We are offering a country level breakdown with Retention data through this request using &metrics[]=retention_by_country:

curl -igL "[]=retention_by_country"
Metric NameRemarks
day\_1\_retentionDay 1 Retention
day\_3\_retentionDay 3 Retention
day\_7\_retentionDay 7 Retention
day\_14\_retentionDay 14 Retention
day\_30\_retentionDay 30 Retention
day\_60\_retentionDay 60 Retention
day\_90\_retentionDay 90 Retention
day\_1\_rolling\_retentionDay 1 Rolling Retention
day\_3\_rolling\_retentionDay 3 Rolling Retention
day\_7\_rolling\_retentionDay 7 Rolling Retention
day\_14\_rolling\_retentionDay 14 Rolling Retention
day\_30\_rolling\_retentionDay 30 Rolling Retention
day\_60\_rolling\_retentionDay 60 Rolling Retention
day\_90\_rolling\_retentionDay 90 Rolling Retention

Please note that country filtering data starts March 7, 2018.