A placement is a specific area in your application where you might want to display Tapjoy Content to your users. All Tapjoy Content is displayed via Placements. This Content can be advertising content or a custom message from you to your users. For example, if you want to display an Offer Wall in your application, you don’t make a call to show an Offer Wall directly. Instead, you call a Placement that contains an Offer Wall content unit on the Tapjoy Dashboard.

Once you create a Placement, you can change what kind of content is displayed at that Placement within the Tapjoy Dashboard without having to alter your application’s code. You can think of a Tapjoy Placement as a billboard, and the Tapjoy Content as what gets shown on that billboard. By using placements, you can change the type of content without having to re-submit your application to the App Store.

Creating a placement is a two step process:

1. Dashboard Placement Creation

Create a placement on the Tapjoy Dashboard by going to the "Monetization" tab in the top navigation bar and then clicking the "Placements" option on the left navigation bar. Then click the "Create Placement" button in the upper right. Once you create the placement you will need to create content and add a content card to your newly created placement.


2. Connecting Content to Placements

Once you have created a placement in your application and on the dashboard, you can start creating content to connect with those placements.

There are 6 types of content you can create:

  1. Offerwall: This is a list of offers the user can complete for various amounts of virtual currency.
  2. Video: This allows the user gain a small amount of virtual currency by watching a video. It should be in placements that are intiated by user
  3. Interstitial: This is an advertisement that appears without being initiated by the user. Use this in natural "breaks" in the action of your application (at the main menu, after completing a level, etc.) action (e.g. pressing a "Watch videos to earn coins!" button).
  4. In App Product Promotion: This is a an advertisement for one of the IAP products in your game.
  5. Announcement: a message to your users. This can include a "call to action" button that takes the user to a certain URL.
  6. Reward Giveaway: Similar to an announcement, but triggers a callback within your apps code upon closing so that your app can give the user a specified quantity of a specified item.

NB: When using Video or Interstitial content cards be aware there are two types: programmatic and non-programmatic. Programmatic cards should only be used if you are using mediation that supports bidding.

3. Creating a Content Unit

  1. Go to your app in the Tapjoy Dashboard.
  2. Click "Monetization" in the top menu bar
  3. Click "Create Content" button in the left navigation bar of the dashboard.
  4. Select the type of content you wish to create
  5. Fill out the resulting form, setting the user segmentation, placement, schedule, and virtual currency you want to use for that placement. If you want the content unit to appear, you must attach it to at least one placement that gets called in the application.

4. Notes on Content Creation:

  • Can I use one content unit for both Android and iOS version of my application?
    • No, you can’t. Content belongs to only one platform at a time. Please check platform before you create the content, as platform cannot be changed after the creation of the content unit.